My name is Vicki, I’m 28, I have a husband to be, Darren and two children, Harry and Freya. Harry is 4 and off to school in September (yay) and Freya who has just been born 9 weeks ago. I worked at Sainsbury’s ‘stacking the shelves’ (in the Lee Evans voice) not a very glamorous job but it fitted in well with Harry (before Freya) and paid fairly well. I’m currently on maternity leave which has been lovely not to work nights! Darren is a machinist and works very hard so we can have little life’s luxury’s.  We are lucky to have our beautiful house and garden that he has worked hard to improve since moving in. (I have contributed a little bit haha)

Harry is our first born and he was just such a little cutie, fast forward four years he’s the cheekiest, funny, quick witted boy albeit he does have the stinkiest attitude currently, but this has been hard for him too. He’s into your average boy things, loves his dinosaurs, currently has made a dinosaur land with the left over decking boards from Darren’s garden work, so that’s up in our living room!

And then there is our little Freya (now 9 weeks old). Our beautiful girl who has Down’s Syndrome. Some people who have already met and asked about her won’t be as shocked to read this. It has been a blooming long and difficult time getting to grips with this diagnosis. We didn’t expect her to have Down’s Syndrome. We were hoping I would have been in and out the next day with her like we were with Harry!! I do believe things happen for a reason and I believe she is here to bring me out of myself as I do suffer with anxiety, (the bane of my life!!) I am now going to have to deal with seeing and meeting people where I wouldn’t of beforehand.

Now before you read anymore I am not looking for sympathy as I am in a better place now. I am healing from the diagnosis of Freya having Down’s Syndrome, but it is still so hard to deal with some days, only now because of the health side of things. I’m writing this so it can at least help another mum/dad who will most probably go through similar feelings, will not feel alone and that it is normal to not feel ok, its ok to cry, scream and shout (although I did this mainly when I was alone in my car driving back and forth to the hospital). I will try to be truthful throughout my blog because from reading other blogs from mummy’s/daddy’s that have gone through this, their honesty has helped me through and think what I’m feeling is normal and actually, its ok to feel like I do.