‘What’s wrong with her?’…


This has become a question I’ve been asked a bit more frequently… there is nothing ‘wrong’ with Freya, she just isn’t your ‘typical’ healthy baby. I’ve read a lot on language and the way people word phrases etc and it isn’t until reading them that I have been so naïve about the way some people have addressed me about Freya. Yes, it does get to me more so now I am more aware of it but then on the other hand there are times I am more empathetic of the way people have asked me, because before having Freya, I suppose it would have been how I may have asked someone about their baby/child because before Freya, I wouldn’t have known what they go through with someone with additional needs. It’s hard to word phrases without insulting people unintentionally.


I suppose this blog piece is a little rant. While I know some people do not know how to ask about her condition and why she has a feeding tube, it’s how they word it and the tone of voice and that little head tilt they do like ‘aww what is wrong with her.’ I am always open to talking about Freya should anyone ask, but I feel myself being a bit abrupt with strangers when they ask, ‘what is wrong with her?’


Firstly, she’s not some kind of alien she is just my baby girl. Just like any other baby, she will progress differently to others but will still get to those milestones. I look at Freya now and she’s become this little character in her own, she’s reaching her hands out to grab my face and hold it. She is rolling over onto her side then getting herself in a huff because she doesn’t like being on her front for too long, just like Harry would when he was a baby. She still does all the things other babies do. Just, she will do it in her own time … LIKE. Every. Other. Baby.


Since Harry has started school and meeting more mums, some of which have babies, I had always had some anxiety of how we would be accepted and yet, they’ve been so supportive, not looking at Freya like she won’t/can’t do milestones their baby have done or will do. They’ve always been sensitive to asking me about her. Like everyone who meets Freya they fall in love with her and see passed her Down syndrome.


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